You can order any of our packages available by firstly selecting the domain name you wish to purchase. From there you can select the account you wish to purchase and proceed with your order.

Included With Every Hosting Account

Below is a list of all the goodies you get with an FD Host account.

  • Domain Any available .com, .net, .org,,, .biz or .info are included in the price.
  • Webspace Webspace is the available amount of data you are allowed to insert onto our server, this is more than enough for any standard user.
  • Bandwidth The bandwidth is a measure of the amount of information that is be carried from your website to users.
  • E-Mail Accounts Along with the e-mail accounts available you will also be an unlimited amount of e-mail addresses to wherever you please and direct all emails to one address.
  • Scripting If you wish to make your website more dynamic and functional to users then PHP or Perl is the way forward for you and it's possible to use these kind of scripts on an FD Host account.
  • Frong Page Extensions Front Page is a widely used web design program from Microsoft. Primarily for beginners it allows you to upload directly from the program, but you need to have it supported by the web host, we support it.
  • Control Panel We provide a very unique control panel for all our users. You will be able to add, remove, edit e-mail addresses, passwords and more. You will also be able to check the bandwidth usage and hit statistics.
  • Free CGI Scrips Mailform, Bulletin Board, Counter, Guest Book, Redirect, Whois are all easily installed from your control panel.
  • Server Side Include (SSI) SSI have a variety of uses include displaying the date and time and adding a common signature to each of your web pages.
  • WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) WAP is a communications protocol that allows mobile phones and other wireless terminals to access the Internet.
  • Custom Error Page You can create a custom page of your own to be displayed in the event of an error.
  • Password Protection Password protected directories require authentication before files from them can be downloaded via the web.
  • Multiple Recipient Addresses (MRAs) MRAs route email messages to more than one email mailbox. MRAs can be created and configured on your account.
  • Auto Responders An auto responder will send a standard text message to anyone who sends an email to an address at your domain that you specify.
  • Default Mail Routing Any mail sent to an address at your domain which is not specifically defined as a mailbox, can be routed to a specifc address.
  • Usage Statistics Informational reports regarding visits to your web site can be obtained from the Usage Statistics page.

Exceeding Bandwidth

In the unlikely event that your website exceed's it's bandwidth limit you will be notified then billed £15 per extra gigabyte it uses. Please do not be alarmed by this as as it is unlikely, only 2% of our users ever exceed there limit.

Secure Server

You can order secure server space with your order by simply selecting the option on the order page, the cost of the secure server space is £175 (inc vat) per year. You must have a secure server to take credit card payments over your website securely.

Basic Box Set
  • Domain: 1 Included.
  • Webspace: 250mb.
  • Bandwidth: 500mb.
  • Mailboxes: 10.
  • MYSQL: No.
  • Front Page: Supported.
  • Control Panel: Included.
  • Price: £90.00 (inc VAT)
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Complete Kit
  • Domain: 1 Included.
  • Webspace: 500mb.
  • Bandwidth: 1,000mb.
  • Mailboxes: 20.
  • MYSQL: Yes (1).
  • Front Page: Supported.
  • Control Panel: Included.
  • Price: £135.00 (inc VAT)
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Fast Forward
  • Domain: 1 Included.
  • Domain name & e-mail will be re-directed to the destination of your choice.
  • Price: £36.00 (inc VAT)
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